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Legal Heart Beat


We Are Here To Help You

There are a few ways we can do that. Quality legal and business services and the necessary support to use those services is the first, the most frequent and we think, the best way we can help you. Our mainstream legal and business services are our core operation here and we look to effectively service you in the delivery of our services.



You Can Make A Contribution

One philosophy we have is that there is a real opportunity for you to help yourself and we encourage you to do so. Our Resources section gives you some guidance as to how to go about accessing the resources that will enable you to do some research and self preparation. We do not believe that a couple of hours reading your local Legal Information Institute web site or reading statutes free on parliamentary web sites will make you a lawyer with skills equivalent to a practitioner with 10+ years experience. That is who we provide for you.


A very real issue in relation to legal and business matters is the foundation of knowledge and experience our client has. We will often need to introduce you to major developed concepts, ideas, structures and rules. Some of them are difficult for us to deal with, so we can understand if you have some difficulty with them. We think the critical point is, any reading you do informs you about the processes involved, the institutions and personalities who make that process operate and the rules and principles that are applied. Your access to this for free is a quality element and there is no downside that we can see in you using your own time to grow and learn.

Bring Some Patience

Our site is designed to provide for easy use and worthwhile results from your time with us. There is a substantial amount of information and content on our website that is required for a site like ours. The common approach of the Internet, the 5 seconds flash over has no place on our site. If you don’t come for a minimum of 10 minutes and an average of half an hour, you are probably wasting your time. The fact of life is that law and business are not aspects of your life that can be addressed in 5 seconds, let alone dealt with. You will need to spend some time here finding your way and learning about the complete offering.


Client Support

Sometimes, we lack ability, insight, speed of grasp and capacity to learn. There are no subjective assessments occurring here. No one is perfect in everything and sometimes a little skilled help is required. Our skilled help is here in Client Support. Client Support is staffed 24/7. Depending on the nature of your problem, there are various people with the different skills needed to address your issue. The right person to help you is not here 24/7 so you may need some direction as to how to get to the right person, and some arrangements made for you to get the help you need.



Be Nice to Our Client Support People

The client support role can be a demanding role. You come to us here because you are experiencing a lack of effective use of our site in one way or another. Usually, the first step taken by our support personnel is to inquire of you, what you are trying to do, where you are trying to do it in our site and why you think things are not working.

This takes some time and for our support person to effectively help you, they need a clear and complete grasp of what the problem is. Please be patient and give them all of the details they need. Please remember that they are experienced in this role and the fact that you are having some difficulties on our site may mean you are not sufficiently familiar with our site to presently use of effectively.

Skills In Client Support

Our client support section is staffed by people who are both familiar with our site and also patient, careful, meticulous, courteous and solution targeting. They understand their role to help you. They understand that you’ve come to our site because you seek service provision and support. If you cannot work your way effectively through our site to the point you want to be, then you will, inevitably, not become a client and not take up our services. We don’t want that. Our Client Service department is very effectiveness and results orientated. They want you to become a skilled and effective user and a valuable client.



The management direction to client support is to allocate up to 10 minutes free to visitors. We do not require other people to wait while you’re issue drags on. You can come back later. You can hold the session with a client service payment which your client service officer will tell you about. As a paid service, we stay with you until you are satisfied and a complete solution is provided.


We Get You Up and Going

One way or another, we will find a way to provide you with the standard of client service that you expect and need. Please feel welcome and invited to use our Client Service Department.


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