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Legal broking

We explained some of the merits of having a legal intermediary like us assist you to engage the lawyer you need for your particular issue or problem. We will be happy to discuss with you how we address that need and any particular aspect of the arrangements that you wish. It is important that we make sure that we clearly understand your need and tailor our services for you to suit your needs.

If you wish to proceed, the step to take are to send us an e-mail to completionmanagerforMD@legalheartbeat.com setting our full details including your name and address and a general and broad description of your matter, what the current position is and what you would like to see happen and have your lawyer achieved for you. This will involve us addressing whether you need someone close to you and how we can the most effectively and most productively address your needs.

The costing arrangements for legal broking are a flat fee of US$50 when we have had the opportunity to look at the details you send to us and enter an agreement with you. The charge rate after that is by the hour depending on the substance of your matter, the seniority of the person needed to address your matter and the terms of the contract we negotiate with you to set your legal representation contract in place and secure effective performance for you.

2 contracts – we help with 1

There are two very separate processes involved in securing your position in a legal matter. There is the obvious situation and process where you have the contract with your lawyer (the retainer) and instruct that lawyer as to what you want. It does fall to you to be clear and express to your lawyer about what you want but we assist you doing this in the course of our role. The lawyer when acting with you and for you will usually make an effort to give you what you seek. That is the provision of the legal services

The other process is creating the contract between you and your lawyer with its rights and obligations defined for both you and your lawyer. Historically that process has been very shallow with something of a complete hand over of all of the process, decision making and conduct of the matter to some lawyers. There is a significant variety of approaches taken by lawyers to matters dealing with both the considered and explained aspects and the left out and not discussed aspects. There is also the significant element of any ethical and professional considerations applied to varying degrees in different jurisdictions. Nonetheless, the practice of law is a business and the lawyer inevitably has an eye on their own business interests. To think otherwise would be native.

Our role

Our role is to assist you in creating the contract between you and your lawyer for the delivery of the legal service you need. We address a volume of different potential situations which my applied to your case. They include urgency, delicacy, the need for strong service delivery, broadness of coverage, locale, specialities and experts and any number of other considerations too extensive to mention. In many respects the contract you have with the lawyer is as important as the service itself, and often sets the tone and process for the representation. Huge multinationals do not simply stroll into a lawyer’s office and say, will you act for me. More and more work in the legal environment is being put out for tender allowing the full competitive force in the marketplace to bear on pricing and conditions. There is no reason why that benefit should not accrue to you.

So, to get the ball rolling, send your information in, marking it without prejudice and with the privacy endorsement [that means writing at the bottom, this documentation is subject to legal professional privilege and its private and confidential] to completionmanagerforMD@legalheartbeat.com. We will guide you further from there.

Thank you for favoring us with your work.

link to: completionmanagerforMD@legalheartbeat.com