Welcome to Legalheartbeat on vYew. We provide a comprehensive and diverse range of meeting and group activities here for you. These pages are a click away to help you when you need them.

The Feature of LOV

Activities in a group offer opportunities for development in a wide range of ways. The technology vYew) offers excellent opportunities for people from all over the world to be in a virtual group and participate almost as effectively as if they were sitting in one room together.

We use that facility here extensively and in a diverse range of activities and styles. The expertise Legalheartbeat personnel have developed enables worthwhile and encouraging advance in the activities and the growth for participants from those activities.

Its easy and enjoyable


You might initially be surprised how easily you can participate in a group and the functionality of facilities the software provides. Legalheartbeat’s legally and professionally trained personnel will present to you. Our support personnel, [experienced, software capable, with interpersonal skills and sound business methods] co-ordinate activities in activities for you.

We provide a broad and diverse range of activities, listed in the drop-down above, including specific topic lectures, training, information sessions, discussion groups, support sessions, meeting forums. The list goes on.

How to find/learn about/enroll for, our sessions


This drop list at the top takes you to the various session types. The session types then sublist the various topics available in that session style. If you click on the session, it takes you to an information page with enrollment and other capabilities. If you have a particular session name, we make our session names unique and you will be able to search direct to your session using the search window above. If you have any difficulties, both LOV management personnel and our receptionist [24/7] are here to help you.

Quality assurance


Thank you for visiting Legalheartbeat On vYew. We hope you found the session worthwhile and productive. We appreciate your feedback and input. While we make every endeavor to design and implement our program effectively, your opinions and ideas assist us to refine and improve what we do. We enjoy servicing visitor’s and client’s needs. We are our quality assurance enterprise. Any issues, contact Quality Control in our Departments link second from the left in the links bar at the top. If you are not satisfied in any respect, contact me at CEO@Legalheartbeat.com