In the special relationship between client and solicitor, most legal jurisdictions provide for legal professional privilege. This means that anything you tell your lawyer is confidential and your lawyer has a legal obligation not to disclose that information to anybody, in any event, without your approval. Your confidentiality is legally enforced.


Plus, as your fiduciary, your solicitor has a primary obligation to act in your best interest. These rules are quite strict, and if pressed, the solicitor can’t extract direct benefit from their relationship with you.


Acting on legal advice provides protection. If you are formally advised in writing that a particular position is correct or appropriate, you are not proceeding on your own decision. You are proceeding “as advised”. You did not make any decision. An officer of the Court told you what you should do. You followed the advice.


Among the many reasons why it’s desirable to rely on Legalheartbeat,

1. Our guarantee is as good as the best, and better than many. Plenty of law firms don’t even give you one.

2. Unlike many law firms, we seek the best value for you. Sometimes we do the work if it is work we are capable of doing to the standard we require for you. We offer you, always, the option of a senior specialist. That choice is yours. Where possible, we look to separate your work and provide options for cost efficiency, while remaining viable to you. We look to give you the best cost option while sustaining the premium standard of service you expect and are entitled to.

3. We offer special services. For example is our Secret Service Section. Read all about and try if you can find anything like that anywhere else. Also, our law brokerage combined with service provision gives you an extensive coverage that is comprehensive. Have a look at this service in We Get the Best for You.

We offer financial support provisions for legal services where you need them.




We designate an appropriate person in Legalheartbeat to be your link person. Your link person is designated to be available to you and a link in communication so that at all times, you have a place to go to make sure that your access and our availability to you is the premium standard that is warranted for an established client. The link person is not necessarily someone who does your work, but rather, is someone additional and another avenue for you to proceed if you think things are not moving in exactly the way you want.


We welcome all visitors to Legalheartbeat. As time passes, new people connect with us and some go for one reason or another, including death, for which we help plan. You have arrived here. This is where we acknowledge your commitment to us as a law services provider to you, and confirm our commitment to you as our valued client, a special person in our perspective. We welcome you to Legalheartbeat as a client.


A philosophy we have is, there is an opportunity for you to help yourself and we encourage you to. Our Resources section gives you some guidance as to how to go about accessing resources so you can do some research and self preparation. A couple of hours reading your local Legal Information Institute web site or reading stat-utes free on parliamentary web sites will make you a lawyer with skills equivalent to a practitioner with 10+ years experience. That is who we provide for you. Our Re-sources are at And no, we have no problem with you doing all the reading you want. Self help is a good thing. It helps you ask us for what you want if you do some research first.


Legal Heartbeat provides greater access to the legal world. We make legal assistance and resources readily available to you. We have created a service mix that is very responsive to a range of legal needs and we ask reasonable fees. We pride ourselves because we provide a client-centered system, taking into consideration the following core attributes and legal protections:

  • Control and Accessibility – We have the resources, you have full access 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Affordability – We have competitive payment schemes that are reasonable and appropriate to your financial capabilities.
  • Convenience – Legal services are at your fingertips. You just log-on to the site, tell us your legal needs and we will do the rest.
  • Value Billing – We will only charge you based on the value of the legal service you need or desire after careful review and approval by our supervising lawyer.
  • Less Intimidation – Unlike In-office legal consultation, we will not coerce you to avail of our services. You have freedom of choice.

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There are a few ways we can do that. Quality legal and business ser-vices and the necessary support to use those services is the first, the most frequent and we think, the best way we can help you. Our mainstream legal and business services are our core operation here and we look to effectively service you in the delivery of our services.

Bring Some Patience

Our site is designed to provide for easy use and worthwhile results from your time with us. There is a substantial amount of information and content on our website. The common approach of the Internet, the 5 seconds flash over has no place on our site. If you don’t come for a minimum of 10 minutes and an average of half an hour, you are probably wasting your time. The fact of life is that law and business are not aspects of your life that can be addressed in 5 seconds, let alone dealt with..