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LHB-PLANNING-AND-DEVELOPMENT_-HOMEPAGE_03The Planning and Development (P&D) department plays an integral role in the life cycle of a product/service.While the department is separate from sales, production and other divisions, their functions are related and often require collaboration. A planning and development (P & D) department is responsible for innovations in methods, systems, design, products, services and style.

LHB-PLANNING-AND-DEVELOPMENT_-HOMEPAGE_07LHB-PLANNING-AND-DEVELOPMENT_-HOMEPAGE_10This department is responsible for creating innovative new advances in all aspects of the undertaking to keep us a step ahead of our competition. Many companies rely on the R & D department to improve existing consumer products and services while exploring and developing new and better ways of providing them.

LHB-PLANNING-AND-DEVELOPMENT_-HOMEPAGE_15Companies thrive and succeed by creating and implementing innovation. As well as increasing company Profit and utilizing cost-efficient methods, the planning can include using resources better or making personnel happier, and thereby more productive. So many things can produce an advance.

A research and development department is primarily responsible for ensuring we meet our goals. The capacity to achieve the goals must grow and strengthen.

LHB-PLANNING-AND-DEVELOPMENT_-HOMEPAGE_19The relevant department can study consumer trends, surveying and researching consumer demands, purchasing methods, product sales, and the existence and development of technology across the relevant market. All departments gather relevant data, and make this information available to the P & D department, which analyses, reviews and then develops and plans based on the research. The P & D department works in response to the findings and proceeds to keep the company on top of current market needs by designing and implementing improvement.

All aspects of the business, the departments, the sections, interact with P & D in a similar way. By these processes, we sustain continuous development and improvement throughout the enterprise. It keeps us in touch with our client and demands in the market place. The client or customer pays us, so we must stay closely in touch with what they want. They also ensure we are using the best available systems and methods to achieve the result all of us involved here, hope for.