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As we develop our site, we will deal with risk for you.  If we give you a free solution to a legal problem with a little bit of guidance here on our web site, you are likely to come back to us when you have a real problem that we do need to give you proper legal services for.  So as a start, here is some advice and we will add to this list.

Never send cash in the post.
Never pay for anything that is delivered to your door by a salesperson.  Wait 14 days.  Take your own cool off whether you have a legal one or not.  If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t You have no obligation to accept formal credentials at your door.  You can make a phone call to confirm them with the police, tax office, etc.  If it’s false, they bolt as you check.  Keep the door locked.
I’m from the government and I’m here to help you is sometimes true.
You don’t always have a right against self-incrimination, but you always have a right to obtain legal advice before you speak.
Don’t ignore old people’s advice, customs and anecdotes.  There is a reason they exist.
A stitch in time really does save 9.
Your parents did grow so much wiser between your 18th and 21st birthday, so at least listen to them and think about what they tell you.
A fool and their money are easily separated.