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Legal Heart Beat



This is a very special feature of our Legalheartbeat site.  We provide comprehensive legal services, the whole spectrum any member can have here, in our Secret Service to you, but no one knows who you are, and we don’t want to know.  And in that respect, we mean completely anonymously, complete secrecy, even as to who you are or the identity of any other people involved.  You use your own made up names or codes, so only you know.

Secret Service is here to protect your privacy and is available to protect your secrecy and confidentiality to a level beyond anything currently available in mainstream services.  No firm typists reading your papers. No firm receptionist who knows so much about everything looking at your file.  No other lawyers reading your file on the weekend.  Real secrecy.  No loose tongues over drinks on the weekend, No salacious gossip.  

Yes, it really is like your own private espionage.  Your own “Secret Service”.  Your privacy protected.



Your anonymous code is accessed on the anonymous code generator on the bottom of the section, Click as directed to get your code.  You open an anonymous email address on Yahoo or Hotmail, one of those, and you email our Finance Department with your code.  They give you a file name of the email address and a file number and your account is opened in the anonymous name you give.  You email to us specifically and completely setting out what you want.  It goes to a legal project manager, (a lawyer).  The work is appraised and you are given a price.  As you are completely anonymous, this work requires prepayment.  You make your payment.



We do the work.

We email our written report and work to you at your anonymous address.

You examine our work and consider your position.  Any further exchange occurs as necessary to complete your work and brief.  When your needs are met, you confirm the completion.  The anonymous account is closed.  An anonymous account can only run for a month, 30 days, but longer if special arrangements are made.

You have your legal issue dealt with in complete secrecy and confidentiality.