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Legal Heart Beat


December 12, 2012|Edition # 2

Why would I want a legal broker ?

I vividly remember my father telling me, if it's important, use an expert. That doesn't mean I can't do it myself, I can. The point is, they do it quicker, better and achieve results I don't even know are possible. No-one is an expert the first time.

You may be thinking, what good is legal broking for me? Think about this. A legal broker can be a very good idea for you. The legal environment is extensive and diverse with over 100 areas of specialist expertise. List the ones you could name. How would you find somebody with those specialist skills? Most people have little idea where to look for help with their issue. That is where we can help. We do know where to go, who to speak to, how to connect to the sort of assistance, the sort of precise and high level skill that you might need.

You may think, my local lawyer can do that. But, local lawyers want clients so you might be induced to use the local lawyer whether there is capacity to properly service your matter or not. You may not even reach the specialists you need. Also, your local lawyer does not offer the range of choice we have. As your legal broker, our sole function is to find the best lawyer for you and resolve a contract with the best terms possible for you. With all due respect to your local lawyer, that result is less likely.

Another quality of legal broking is you are 1 step removed. An intermediary (like us), keeps all your private information and vulnerabilities out of the negotiation, and still private. We communicate with the lawyers and discuss their availability, interest and the prime terms you require, like cost, agency, specialties, quality of service, success rate, reputation, and experience levels. You only disclose who you are and the details of your matter to your committed lawyer. We can negotiate without complete details. With us arranging a lawyer [as a legal broker], you get effective representation while you and your details remain separate from the process.

Sometimes it's important to be out of the negotiating process. What if you are being prosecuted for major tax evasion under a scheme provided to you by an expert. That expert may have fallen foul of the authorities and you are caught in that web. Do you want to explain the full extent and detail to each lawyer you negotiate with to represent you. Inevitably, as a potential client, you are asked to tell them everything and you can't avoid doing that if you want the conversation to proceed. As a legal broker, we can proceed without that level of disclosure. Most times you are moving into a situation where you will pay quite a lot of money for these services, so getting value for money and protecting your position is sound thinking.

Another example might be conduct involving sexual, abuse or violence elements. It is awkward for you to disclose,then negotiate in this context. You may be compelled to explain to people who are not committed to assist you, but merely considering supporting you. Your negotiating position is weak. If you try to reassert your position, they drop you and you have told them all the information for nothing.

Then, who will do your work. Is this the firm's new case officer or managing partner. Or is it the lawyer who will do your work. If you are accepted,will you be allocated and to whom. The cab rank principal is an interesting philosophy, often discussed, but not always strictly followed. You may disclose your details to several firms who decline your work.

As your legal broker, we represent your best interests. We carry the ordinary contractor's burden, to give value for money and be worthwhile for you. There are a number of other reasons why legal broking is valuable for you and we will be very happy to explain them all to you. The conversation will be in complete confidence.

Think about the benefits of legal broking and whether they work for you.Let us, your legal broker do the legwork for you.


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DECEMBER 9, 1993

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DECEMBER 11, 1994

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November 12, 2012|Edition # 1

"Privacy is not something I am merely entitled to; it's an absolute prerequisite"
– Marlon Brando
Celebrity or not, we all enjoy being recognized and applauded. However, there are certain aspects of our lives that we fight to keep under wraps. That's private and not for the eyes of all and sundry. We like to be in control of what we share and with whom. Period!

Therefore when it comes to matters where we require legal expertise, we are all the more sceptical. The position of law on attorney/client confidentiality is well established. A client has the right to insist that any information disclosed with the advocate is guarded and kept secret unless explicitly permitted by the client or is required by the law under certain exceptional situations. This is known as client legal privilege or legal professional privilege.

Your own "Secret Service". How cool is that?

Nonetheless, despite the legal rights protecting our confidentiality, there is still an iota of hesitation when we meet with a lawyer face to face. What if other lawyers in the firm have access to my files? What if it gets into the hands of a receptionist or a secretary? Oh, the consequences of my details being made public! These are some of the questions that nag us even as we seek out a lawyer.

Well, here is a solution to all those worries. Legal Heartbeat offers you a unique and special facility known as 'Legal Secret Service'. For the first time ever in history, you are being provided a service wherein you do not have to divulge your identity to your lawyer! Your matter is solved by legal experts with utmost skill and care, but all that they know about you is what you choose to reveal to them. It means you have your own "Secret Service". How cool is that?

Here is how it works. The very swish code generator available in the Secret Service link produces a unique code for you. Open an anonymous email address and email to the Finance Department with your code. You'll be given a file number, (probably the code) and your account is opened in the anonymous name that you give. Subsequently, you email with the anonymous email, in detail setting out what you want. Your work goes to a lawyer. It is appraised and you are given a price. You make your payment and the lawyer does your work. A written report of the work is emailed to your anonymous email address.

You examine the work and consider your position. Any further exchange occurs as necessary to complete your work and brief. When your needs are met, you confirm the completion. The anonymous account is closed. An anonymous account can only run for 30 days, unless special arrangements are made.

You might be someone who has been accused of a sexual indiscretion, or plan one, and want advice on the legal ramifications. Maybe you are a celebrity wanting to start a business exploiting your fame and need advice on the formalities involved and do not wish to be identified until your pet dream takes wings. Better yet, you want to file for a patent claim but do not wish for the details of your invention to be publicized. You might be any of these or someone with a totally different issue. But what you've in common is that you value your privacy.

That's where Legal Secret Service steps in. It does not boast of doing anything other than providing legal solutions. What sets it apart though is its unique feature of ensuring not only the confidentiality of your matter but also your identity!

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