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People have their own idea about the extent of their emergency. If your matter is life threatening, or potentially fatal, grievous or calamitous, contact local authorities like police, ambulance, government.

If you are still here, we need to classify the level of urgency you have. Please note, our assistance is not free. You are required to make payments for services we provide.


Serious and Genuine Urgency

You are telling us your position is serious and urgent and requires immediate attention as the issue is an emergency. Go to Live Help. Explain to our receptionist why this is an emergency and the details of the urgency of the situation. If appropriate, you may be transferred asap to legal support who will address your problem. Urgent matter fees are $50 for the first half hour, and $30 for each half hour thereafter. The fees are payable in advance. You do not need to lodge your form before attention with Serious and Genuine Urgency, but payment in advance is essential and not capable of being avoided.

image-2Medium Urgency

This level connotes that the issue is pressing and the case falls outside the normal time frame for attention. Go to Live Help. Explain to our receptionist why there is medium urgency and the details of the urgency of the situation. This level of attention requires the completion of a Client Detail Form. The completed form is reviewed and assessed. You can wait if you wish for the result and most probably, prompt attention.

image-3Low Urgency

We are a Legaloncall (LOC) service. All things being equal, you will have access to our LOC service within the hour. Go to Live Help and with our receptionist, you submit your details on the downloaded form, completed by you. This level of attention requires the completion of a Client Detail Form. Financial aspects are also resolved. The receptionist will know LOC availability, as they work together. You will queue and more often than not, once details and payments are done, you go straight into conferring. We do like to know that there is no serious urgency. If you select Low, we do appreciate your patience. It means we don’t need to go into emergency mode. If there is a delay, and it’s a problem, discuss the position with our receptionist.


Legal Heartbeat reserves the right to determine urgency level. Legal Heartbeat sets the level or urgency, on the basis of the information you provide. Hence, we would appreciate it if you can provide a detailed and thorough description of your circumstances so that we can assist you the best way we can.

Once you have resolved your level of urgency, Live Help here will take you to our receptionist.

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