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Using Secret Service

You have proceeded to this point in our Secret Service.  At this stage, you need to have a password type code, and you have had the opportunity to generate one with our code generator.  You also need to have an anonymous e-mail address.

Once you have both of those, you are ready.

The next step is to send an e-mail to legaloncall@legalheartbeat.com and introduce yourself by code and anonymous e-mail address.  You will receive a response e-mail from legaloncall confirming that you are a Secret Service account and you have connected effectively.  Your file ID will be your code and your name will be your e-mail address or the name in it.

You will then be invited in our e-mail to send in by e-mail, an outline of the service you want.  These e-mails defining the service you require can exchange for as long as necessary.  Once we clearly understand what you’re asking for, we will confirm that with you.

Then we will price your work.  Once the price is agreed, we will ask you to pay and we remind you that you have gone to some effort to be anonymous and payment methods can disclose your identity so use one that is effective for you.  Once we receive your money, you will be given an e-mail containing a timetable and schedule for the work.  Then we will proceed with the work, keeping you informed with progress not more than weekly until the work is completed.  You can inquire at any time by e-mail.  When the work is completed, we will e-mail the work to you.

Any questions you have can be addressed in the exchange of e-mails in the course of defining the work you want done.

The priced work is completed once we send it to you.  If you require further assistance addressing or dealing with the work, that work can be priced by us the same way.  If you tell us in advance that you want some assistance after receiving the written work, that can be priced into the contract at first instance.  We are very flexible with this.

If at the end, you are not satisfied, tell us and tell us why.  You can proceed through guarantee, feedback and communication processes as your anonymous identity.  We will not treat your satisfaction as any lower priority because you are anonymous.

We hope our Secret Service works well for you and thank you for favoring us with your work.