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We welcome all visitors to Legalheartbeat. As time passes, new people connect with us and some go for one reason or another, including death, for which we help plan. You have arrived here. This is where we acknowledge your commitment to us as a law services provider to you, and confirm our commitment to you as our valued client, a special person in our perspective. We welcome you to Legalheartbeat as a client.


A link person

We designate an appropriate person in Legalheartbeat to be your link person. Your link person is designated to be available to you and a link in communication so that at all times, you have a place to go to make sure that your access and our availability to you is the premium standard that is warranted for an established client. The link person is not necessarily someone who does your work, but rather, is someone additional and another avenue for you to proceed if you think things are not moving in exactly the way you want.

Valuable Client Desk/log in

As a valuable client, you have a log in entry and password. This provides a number of qualities for you. Your security is better provided for, for example you can choose whether to deal with general reception or whether to log in and refer to the Valuable Client Desk for senior reception. You can also access facilities which are available to our valuable clients but not to visitors. When you log in, you get access to the Client Benefit Directory (CBD) which gives you further pathways, functionality and facilities than available to visitors.


As a valuable client, we will prioritize your needs above those of visitors. There are two priority levels for you. Automatic and Requested. Automatic applies in a situation where 2 requests for attention are made at the same time and one of them is you and the other is a visitor. Legalheartbeat personnel will operate in accordance with protocols which will prioritize your needs first and deal with the visitor as we can. We would hope to be able to satisfy the needs of both, but we would look after you first because you are our valuable client.

Requested priority is when you log in and ask for requested priority. You go straight to the first available lawyer or your servicing lawyer if you have established one without the intervention of any intermediary personnel.

Resource support

If you wish to use resources, additional personal support is available for you on a pro rata fee spend basis. The formula will be set out for you and is reasonably generous in terms of the support we offer you if you seek to have access to self-help facilities available. As our valuable client, we offer you access to facilities which are not available to visitors.


At LHB, we pride ourselves on offering our customers responsive, competent and excellent service. Our clients are the most important part of our business, and we work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction and focus on fostering a personable yet professional relationship with you.

Our legal services are of high quality, yet businesslike and affordable. LHB focuses its support for you anytime, in every way you need, however you need. We offer the full spectrum of services, which are very diverse. A look at our Law Department demonstrates the diversity. What we can’t do for you ourselves, or to the standard you need, we arrange, and if you look at our special service, Getting The Best For You, you will see how we do that. Other special and innovative services are as set out in our Special Services link.


Legal Heartbeat provides greater access to the legal world. We make legal assistance and resources readily available to you. We have created a service mix that is very responsive to a range of legal needs and we ask reasonable fees. We pride ourselves because we provide a client-centered system, taking into consideration the following core attributes and legal protections:

Control and Accessibility – We have the resources, you have full access 24/7, 365 days a year.

Affordability – We have competitive payment schemes that are reasonable and appropriate to your financial capabilities.

Convenience – Legal services are at your fingertips. You just log-on to the site, tell us your legal needs and we will do the rest.

Value Billing – We will only charge you based on the value of the legal service you need or desire after careful review and approval by our supervising lawyer.

Less Intimidation – Unlike In-office legal consultation, we will not coerce you to avail of our services. You have freedom of choice.


This is our leverage! Legal Heartbeat has a sophisticated and systematic way of delivering services through the web. We are able to extend legal assistance to a wider area and scope. To show our commitment to provide you with quality and excellent legal service, we undertake to:

  1.  Have your legal needs met personally by an experienced and qualified lawyer with the full        support of the LHB wherewithal.
  2.  Manage you matter thoroughly and completely.
  3.  Offer effective service selection to give you cost benefits,
  4.  Provide a straightforward analysis of your specific legal needs.
  5.  Confirm our services you have committed to and inform you of both costs and the work path        in writing, and
  6.  Update you of recent legal news and developments through an email newsletter which will be        sent regularly.


“This is our special duty, that if anyone specially needs our help, we should give him such help to the utmost of our power.” – Cicero


We encourage you to contact us at any time with your questions, comments and feedback. We value your opinions and will act on them to upgrade what we do and how we do it. Especially, in relation to innovation and enhanced functionality, we are always listening. A simple idea can grow into a special service feature. Please feel welcome to tell us how we can better service your needs. The Managing Director’s department has a suggestions link, which you are welcome to use as you wish.

Thank you

Thank you again for entrusting LHB with your most important business/legal needs. We are honoured to serve you.