Your Account Temp

The Your Account facility is only available to clients. Visitors are welcome to come to the Legalheartbeat site any time and access all open areas and enjoy our assistance by way of the provision of legal and business services. However, there are a number of other facilities and qualities provided to members, which are unavailable to visitors.


Our Chief Executive Officer vets all applications for client status and you are welcome to make any application you wish to the CEO’s office in Departments.The username and password you take for the client desk log in, is the same username and password you will use here for Your Account. We do not permit your account to be accessed by anyone other than you. We have set up mechanisms which have the capacity to detect other users and lock the account. Please acknowledge and respect this requirement.


We are in the course of developing the facilities in Your Account. The site will provide facilities to you including:

• A finance account and facility.
• A record account and facility.
• A message bank account and facility.
• An index of your activities, preferences and other records you wish to keep.
• More to be added after development.

We do expect some interim teething setting up Your Account. Be a little patient and report to reception any problems you have, for prompt attention and special consideration befitting our valuable client.

Welcome and thank you.