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I met Holly in the United States last year. I stayed with her in San Diego and when I came home to Sydney, the plan was she would follow. We needed Legalheartbeat to help us with all the immigration work, and they were fabulous. Now, Holly is with me in Sydney and we marry next November.


The Italian company I work for send me to Morocco for work. Some of my expenses they paid, and some others weren’t. I needed good advice and LegalHeartBeat certainly gave me that. I would use them again for sure and recommend them too.

Maria, Siena

I needed a specialist lawyer in Polish taxation. It made quite a bit of difference how we structured the trade. Turns out there are good trade support grants in Poland. Legalheartbeat found the Polish lawyer, and contracted the lawyer for me, and she delivered. A job well done.

Henry, London

My international bulk freight business is going well. It started with just each way, India, Britain. I send up to 50 postage items through the shipping agent and we forward on domestically. It works really well. With Legalheartbeat’s help, I now operate to Fiji, US, most of Europe, Canada South Africa and Australia. Great to work with. Know the law all over. Got me people everywhere as I needed them. Just excellent.

Abdul, Bangalore

The secret advice with me anonymous was outstanding. I could get the answer I needed without having to disclose who I was and all those intimate details. I have what I needed to know now. Just excellent.

Primrose, Miami

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